House to House--20:20 Dinners


In the understatement of the year, small group leaders do a lot! For all of their efforts leading and cultivating, they deserve to be treated well and appreciated.

For several years, the small group ministry at Good News Church (St. Augustine, FL) gathered our leaders three to five times per year in an event called “The Feast,” where we would eat, sing, pray, and celebrate. Taken from Isaiah 55, The Feast was a beautiful event intended to show appreciation for our leaders and create excitement for the upcoming season/year.

But we wanted something better, something more intimate, something that would look and feel like a small group. Inspired by Paul’s “house-to-house” ministry in Acts 20:20, we decided to move the dinner from the church gym to a house—our house, literally! In 2019, rather than hosting a quarterly meal for 70, our small group directors will host six meals for 10-12 leaders over the course of three months.  

Called “20:20 Dinners,” these get-togethers provide meaningful interactions and camaraderie between small group leaders normally never known to one another. We break bread together at one table, hear each other sing, pray for one another, and discuss best practices for leading a small group.

While it’s still very early in 2019, this change has already provided benefits to our ministry and appears to be a change we will be happy we made.