Small group is a group of ten imperfect people who together gaze at Jesus and encourage one another. Groups meet in homes throughout the week, study God’s Word, pray for one another, and often share a meal. But there is more! Life’s victories are celebrated together as well as support when going through trials.  There are hospital visits to Super Bowl parties and everything in-between—all in authentic Biblical community.

We have more than 60 small groups for you to join. You can explore a list of small groups on your own or submit the form below. We'd love to help.


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At Good News Church we believe the best way to promote spiritual growth, provide pastoral care, and pursue lasting life change is by joining a small group. We have more than sixty small groups for you to join.

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Small Group Leaders


Small Group Leaders

Small-group leaders are most concerned about the spiritual transformation of their group members. People gather together to enjoy each other's company, eat food, pray, go to the movies, do a service project, AND GROW CLOSER TO JESUS.

You may feel like you aren't qualified to lead a group, but the truth is—no-one is perfectly qualified. We all make mistakes with leading people. But, we can be consistent and authentic in our walk with God. No matter how good we become at facilitating discussion questions, resolving conflict, and making casseroles, people will not become more like Jesus unless carried there by the Holy Spirit.

We encourage you to STEP UP to lead a group of ten.


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Contact Parker Fretwell at parker@goodnewsloves.com to serve in the World Golf Village campus area.

Contact Tim Pollock at tim@goodnewsloves.com to serve in the Wildwood campus area.