How to Use The Study


Great benefits are to be gained in choosing to use The Study.  Committing to the lifestyle of Biblical community is the means for the Holy Spirit to bring about transformation. 

message notes

The message on Sunday will equip you with one main point. It will also lead you into an action step during the week. You will benefit most when choosing to worship each Sunday during the series. There is an area for you to jot down thoughts, insights, and impactful parts of the message.

spend time with Jesus

Spend time reading and meditating on God and His Word.  This will help you grow as a believer in Jesus as you develop a practice of studying God’s Word. Each week, you have been learning to spend time opening God’s Word and applying it your life. Let’s take your study another step. 

This Study volume will help you read through the Gospel of John together. Each week there are four reading days. Make an appointment with Jesus to read and pray Scripture, and then share with others what you are learning each day. 

Small Group cue

Small group discussion. Our gospel transformation accelerates when we talk to others about what we have learned. Questions in the small group cue include a Getting-to-Know-Me section, “Into the Bible” section, and a Message Application section. There is also a question to help you tell the group what God did through your study the previous week.  It is beneficial to read and answer these questions before attending small group. Included in the cue are verses to dig deeper into Scripture. Questions are not included with these passages, but if you are motivated to go further, they will help you dig deeper into the point of each week's message.


This section will provide you coaching on how to have gospel conversations.  They will happen over a meal, during time in the car, over coffee or spontaneously with co-workers, neighbors or friends.  You can be the instrument God uses to bring His good news of hope.















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Summer 01 • June 17-July 8

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